1. What does Khimera Sculpting Technology do?
We accept order from clients to make toys/figurines/statues based on their concept from scratch. Our workflow is pretty straightforward. Using the concept as a reference, we build a 3D model from which we can 3D print a few prototypes. We can paint it (if you prefer the toy painted). Then we will make a mold out of the prototype. Once we have the mold, we can go into mass production mode. And of course, we will keep you guys updated every step of the way!

2.What kind of customization does Khimera Sculpting Technology do?
We are focused mainly on toys, figurines, statues, jewellery and even keyboard keycaps.

3. I want to get my custom toy made, but I am scared that you guys will steal my idea!
All of the people working in Khimera Sculpting Technology are all artists ourselves, so we definitely understand your worry. Rest assured your worry is unfounded with us. To take your idea and commercialize it on our own (without getting paid in the process) is a risk for us. Not only that, our brand will forever be black-marked by the community, which will cost us a lot more. So no, we are not risking everything just to steal your idea. We are toy people, and we just want to make toys for others.

4. How many pieces of toy do I need to make aka what is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
For a few pieces (1-10 max) we can get it done using 3D printing. For mass production, you will be looking at around 300-500 pieces.

5. How much does it cost?
There is too many variables for me to give you a definite quote. The complexity of the design concept; colored vs grey kit; number of pieces etc will come into play to determine the final cost of the production. The initial few pieces will be more expensive, but once we get the mold done, the price for each piece will decrease a lot more. Contact us to get a quote.

6. Do you create standalone prototype?
Yes we do. It will most likely be 3D printed so the cost will be higher than mass produced units.

7. How long does it take to custom produce my toy from concept to shipment?
Again it is highly dependent on the toy concept. Complexity, material, coloring etc will affect the time taken to produce all the toys. Ballpark figure: from concept to prototype is around 1- 2 months; molding and mass production will be an additional 2-3 months.

8. Does Khimera Sculpting Technology accept collaboration?
It depends, but the general rule of thumb is we do not, especially collaboration which we do not get paid. Sorry it is just too risky.

9. What is your payment terms?
We accept either upfront payment or milestone payments. We do not accept payment only upon acceptance. We collect 10% upfront before work begins.