Our Process and Workflow

  • Step 1

    Discussion and Pre-Planning

    We will discuss with you the specifications needed for your toy/figurine. This includes quantity, coloring, material, time-line, concept etc. This will help us understand your need.

  • Step 2

    Concept Art (Optional)

    Once we fully understand your needs, we will begin concepting your toy/figurine based on your specification. This will ensure our 3D modeler can produce a 3D model as close to what you want as possible. If you already have a concept art of what you have in mind, share with us! It will help tremendously!

  • Step 3

    3D Modeling

    This is where the magic happens! Our 3D modeler will bring your concept to life (in 3D!) This 3D model will be the basis of your prototype, which can then be used to make a mold for mass production.

  • Step 4

    3D Printing

    Welcome to the birth of your very first toy! This 3D printed prototype will be placed under intense scrutiny to check for flaws and whether it is up to par with your specifications. If everything is good, we will proceed to mold-making (if you plan for mass-production).

  • Step 5

    Coloring Test (Optional)

    Prototype will be colored according to specifications. Once approved by you, this colored prototype will serve as the master template. All replicas will be colored according to this master.

  • Step 6

    Mold-Making (Optional)

    Using the prototype produced, we will create a mold using this prototype as basis. As mold-making damages the prototype, more than 1 prototype may be needed if the mass production quantity is high. Additionally, each mold can produce roughly around 25-30 replicas before it degrades.

  • Step 7

    Production and Quality Control

    Replicas will be made using our molds, and colored according to the master prototype. Stringent quality control will be in place to make sure the replicas are as faithful to the prototype as possible.

  • Step 8

    Packaging and Shipment

    All replicas will be packed carefully with protective cushion before we send them to you. Time to pop open that champagne! Because your own series of toys will soon land in the laps of your happy customers!