Concept and Design

Have a great idea but having problem putting it down onto paper? No worries! Send us a detailed description of your idea, as well as image references close to your idea and our concept artist will take it from there!

3D Modeling and Sculpting

Using the concept approved by you, our 3D Modeler will get to work building a 3D version of your toy. This will serve as a basis for our 3D print.

3D Printing and Prototyping

With a 3D model, we can use it to 3D print your toy/figurine prototype. With this prototype, we can use it as template for molding or use it for coloring test.


With the prototype in hand, we can do a coloring test to determine the final look and color of your toy/figurine. Once approved by you, this will serve as the master copy and all subsequent units will adhere to this color scheme.


Using the prototype as a template, we can then make molds of the original. These molds can then be used for mass duplication.

Casting and Mass Production

Using the mold we have produced, we can start casting and make multiple copies of your toy. Colors will be applied to the duplicates using the master copy as reference.


We will pack all your toys with foam in secured, sturdy parcels before handing them over to the deliverer.


We use reliable deliverer that will ensure all your toys will reach you or your customers in top condition.